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Replies to frequently asked questions

1. Not sure if our stands are suitable for your stock?
Come to a fair with some of your 'difficult to display' stock and try our stands for size and shape. If you are in Cambridge visit 'Hive Antiques' to try out our stands. Ring Fiona on 01306 882306 for a discussion.

2. How do you find suitable cases for your stock?
Click on 'pic a case' for suitable fittings. If you are coming to a fair to meet us bring difficult items to try with various cases. Email us at fiona@displays4antiques.co.uk with full measurements and perhaps a photo.

3. What about other colours than black?
This can be arranged if the colour is available, after careful discussion and exchange of swatches. Obviously it will take much longer than a stock order.

4. Will the stands fit in your limited space?
Traditional busts and scrolls can be varied slightly by the customer.  The 'necks' cannot be altered but can be reduced or increased in size to order if more than 4 are required in the same size - ring for details. Measurements of the stands are approximate. If in doubt ring with your measurements.

5. Problems with dressing the stands?
Use the elastic loop at the back of the Traditional Busts. Use fixing pins or dress making pins to arrange if necessary. Pins or tape can be attached to the back fin of the necks to hold the beads in place. The brooch/pinning pads are designed to take a brooch pinned through the material and out to allow the pin to be closed. Padded flats are suitable for draping, stick pins or for holes to take stud earrings.

6. Are there special requirements for antique centres?
Use only acrylic risers as many of the cabinets have only one top light which is easily obscured by a dark riser. The items must be suitable for an easy on/off as the assistants will not have time to struggle. Parrot perches, scrolls, Traditional and packing busts are good. Valuable rings/brooches/earring pairs should be shown individually so that one only comes out of the cabinet at a time.

7. Stands/cases are not as ordered
All measurements are approximate. If a few mm. is vital please contact us to check. Unsuitable items can be returned unused within 7 days when a full refund will be sent.
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